Swap & Exchanges

Adding Fuyoh token to popular Exchanges and Swap sites.
We have to consider this as active progress as we may not have the exact info on which we will approve and which one will not. Nonetheless, we will continue to strive and contacts all site.
Officially, FYH (Polygon) are active on QuickSwap and FYH (BEP20) are on PancakeSwap. Some will be on DEX8 (DEX Asian) as it partnered with us on the gaming activities.
We will add more Exchange on the future, but our focus now is to make sure it spread widely by giving as much as possible to the general public and sell privately, if necessary, to sustain it purposes.
If you wish to support our plan by investing in large amount, you are most welcome to contact us directly via email. All funds received will goes to Exchange Liquidity.